A port city. It lies on the Riverway, three hours’ ride west of Barr, five hours’ ride west of Nipala, seven hours’ ride west of Berendia, and eleven hours’ ride west of Brindol. It is the Western terminus of the merchant road, which extends from the port city to Hammerstone in the East.

The finest Inn is “Breaker’s Shore,” while “The Broken Floe” is a more inexpensive option.

From Aquus, a traveler can catch a boat to may different regions of the world, including a ride on the Tropicana to the tropical islands in the South, or a trip on the famous Icebreaker to the frozen wastes of the North.

Recently, Aquus has seen two-man patrols of Carrion Riders in addition to squads of Elite Guards who ordinarily protect the Count of Arnod. There was a large parade on the Autumnal Equinox.


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