Autumna 30th

The PCs awake and return to the Frosty Mug Tavern. Shel, the morning bartender, serves them breakfast while they discuss their next move. They plan to visit Heirmus in Kyrim City, but need to purchase new horses in order to get there quickly.

As they buy supplies, Ilam notices a long line outside the Alchemist’s shop. Supposedly, the Alchemist is selling Redroot, a root that is supposed to prevent the “Madness Plague.” Ilam buys some, but none of the heroes know what it does. They go to the docks and Feint snoops around in the Alchemist’s house, but they can’t find anything useful and nearly get caught before Akatha sets fire to a few crates in order to cause a distraction.

The heroes travel to Kyrim City and see that Heirmus has a new Shadar-kai ‘advisor’ named Dust. The heroes get magic items and the information that crossings to the Shadowfell can occur in places of death and darkness.

They ride to Berendia in order to visit the tombs, and discover that Mira from the North is protecting the town from banshees and other monsters.

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Autumna 30th

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