Autumna 3rd

The PCs awakened in Kyrim City and went to meet the Duke of Kyrim, whom they discovered was actually Ilam’s lost companion Heirmus. He told them a story about Tharizdun and the Raven Queen, and explained why he had gone mad in the Rivenroar Crypt.

He told them he had the Shield of Ruin and offered it freely, but he insisted on telling them the history of the Set, as well as telling them the location of the Pyramid of Shadows, the place where Tharizdun was kept.

Heirmus offered to come along, and also offered to bring the entire Kyrim army to bear in a war with Arnod. Heirmus wanted the group to listen to his story, ask him questions, and then sleep on their response.

The heroes left satisfied, then spent the rest of the day collecting supplies they might need. They regrouped and discussed their options before going to bed once again.

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Autumna 3rd

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