Autumna 5th

The PCs arrived at the Pyramid of Shadows to find their old friend, the Sphinx. After greeting the creature, they were posed two riddles.

After solving the riddles, the heroes entered the Pyramid but set off a sort of magical alarm that likely alerted their enemies to their location. They left Hazel, Poe, Revere and Animaeus to cover the staircase, while they went inside.

Inside the pyramid, the heroes acquired eighteen keys, one for each of the gods. They performed a ritual and were transported to the Astral Sea, where they found the prison of Tharizdun. They discovered that Asmodeus was the nineteenth god, and some kind of enchantment kept the heroes from recognizing his existence. In their efforts to destroy or banish Tharizdun, the heroes inadvertently freed the mad god.

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Autumna 5th

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