Barnus' Rhyme

I sing of all the Eras
Since Elvenkind began
And since that time no challenge
Has plagued the race of man
So much as this; I tell thee
That what I speak is true
The mighty Tyrant rises
And seeks a violent coup.

So when the sun grows weaker
Than in the dawn of ages
The chains of Hel will rattle
And all of history’s pages
Will start to be rewritten
While factions make their plays
And each one does its work
Hast’ning the end of days.

The Mist desires its champions
And the Riders seek to o’erthrow
One will rise to the challenge
And cast the betrayer below
The Guild will fracture and splinter
And battle lines are drawn
The Roses come to the rescue
Of the agents of the Dawn.

The Lords desire the Key
The Destroyers take their Brides
Chaos swallows its tail
While Fiddlers stand aside
Awaiting their patron’s signal
Of whom they ought to aid
The wait is long and grim
For their master’s light doth fade.

Unless the lords of light
Can cease their constant fight
And swift address the blight
‘Tis neverending night.

Barnus' Rhyme

Tyrant Rising TyrantRising