Brindol is a moderate-sized village of about 200 people. It is home ot the Frosty Mug Tavern. It is located in the land of Kyrim and so is ruled by the Duke of Kyrim. While the Duke’s heir was missing, the town was governed by the Council of Brindol, and most were happier with that form of government.

Though its small size would seem to make it a likely target for monster attacks, various factors combine to make Brindol a fairly defended region. For one, the dangerous Wyrmwood that stands to the North of Brindol deters many human groups from approaching from that direction. In addition, Brindol has an allegiance with the Fey creatures in the Wyrmwood and a standing agreement to defend one other from attack. Though Brindol guardsmen have rarely had to aid the Fey creatures in the wood, they have frequently been saved by the timely intervention of Eladrin archers and wizards, not to mention other creatures that enter this world from the Feywild. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that Brindol’s continued existence can be laid partially at the feet of the generous Fey warriors of the Wyrmwood.

In addition to their stalwart allies in the forest, Brindol sits on the Riverway, a trade road that leads from the human states of the Settled Lands to the Dwarven mountain home Erevar. As a result, both the Human and Dwarven kingdoms wish to see the village protected. Though Brindol sits on Human land and is currently under no lord’s domain, the town represents, in some small way, the continued alliance between Men and Dwarves. The Defenders of Brindol, a loose group of Human, Half-Elven, and Dwarven soldiers (Elves are permitted but rarely join the small fighting force) are constantly posted at watchtowers in the city and tasked to defend it against small groups of bandits.

The trade road is a popular artery for traveling merchants plying their wares. These merchants always travel with armed escorts, and often draw marauding bands of greedy monsters away from the comparatively well-defended town proper.

Four hours’ ride west of Brindol is Berendia. Four hours Northwest is Kyrim City. Six hours to the west is Nipala. Eight hours to the west is Barr. Eleven hours to the west is Aquus.

Notable NPCs: Barnus, Tun’Ai, Joren, Egro, Sertanian, Adronsius, Thurann, Zerriksa, Ebner Redstone


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