Solara 11th

The PCs fight their way inside the Ice Caverns, through Human Berserkers, and set about exploring the Ice Caverns.

After opening a spring-loaded door and freeing a Giant Spider, the PCs battled a large lizard and a pair of scorpions before resting in an alcove. While Feint stood watch, three more human Berserkers came through a door and passed by the heroes. The PCs laid a quick ambush and easily dispatched the three humans.

After waking from their rest, the PCs went into the next room, where they found zombies and an Ice Mage. The Ice Mage fled after raising two of the dead zombies with a crystal that the undead were mining from the walls of the caves. The PCs gave chase, and ran into a large sleeping area, where more mages, zombies, and human berserkers awaited them.

It was an epic battle. Moravi and Ilam were separated from Feint and Akatha, and as Akatha was swarmed by the undead, she fell. Feint left her and ran from the pursuing hordes. The three men gathered in a narrow corridor, hoping to force their enemies to come at them one at a time. Though this plan would ultimately be successful, Moravi was slain.

As Feint and Ilam explored the caves, they discovered that Akatha’s body was missing. They proceeded onwards, encountering traps that they mostly managed to bypass. They laid an ambush for their enemies after hearing voices, but the enemies did not come through the door. They pushed onwards, battling the escaped Mages as well as a pair of Dragonborn soldiers, and tried their best to stay alive in the face of tough foes.

As they passed through the caverns, they finally had a stroke of good luck —- Moravi rejoined the group, though he was changed, and Akatha was found! Accompanying her were four Viking women, later introduced as Arren, Mira, Hugarn, and Orlegen.

The four heroes and the four Vikings retreated back to a yellow portal, which restored them to a hill outside the Viking town of Morgmir. After a night of heavy celebration, the heroes slept.

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Solara 11th

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