Solara 12th

The next morning, the PCs restocked and prepared for their return to the Ice Caverns. An old man reopened the portal, and the PCs stepped through it. They saw the Dwarven Ghost again, who led them to a room where two other ghosts were apparently unable to move on to their final rest. The adventurers released one with fire, and one with gold. After that, the original ghost revealed a pile of gold and disappeared himself.

The adventurers discovered that many traps had been moved or reset. They made their way to the Orc Shaman, and defeated him and his allies. They found an oar in a side room, and brought it to a small boat on the edge of the river. They climbed in the boat and made their way down the winding river.

They soon found themselves face-to-face with a white dragon, the beast known as Kerraxxis. Battle was soon joined, and Moravi acquired the Sword of Ruin from the dragon’s hoard, using it to help slay the beast. The PCs stuffed their pockets with gold, as much as they could carry, but a death spasm and final twitch of the dragon’s tail caused the caverns to collapse. The PCs rode their small boat down the face of the mountain, on the crest of an avalanche, and managed to make it to safety with minimal losses… some of their newfound gold.

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Solara 12th

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