Solara 22nd

In Aquus, the PCs are awakened at dawn by a parade held for the Autumnal Equinox. They do some shopping and gather information, before deciding to head towards Kyrim City and visit the Duke of Kyrim.

They ride into Barr and visit with Aleutius, who gives them more information about the Set of Ruin. They change their plans and decide to head to the desert lands east of Hammerstone, in an effort to find a Desert Fortress which holds the Helm of Ruin.

They stop in Brindol when they hear that the sun god Pelor has somehow disappeared. Akatha invokes the power of Kord and defuses the situation. As the PCs head towards Barnus at the Free Temple, they are stopped by some Carrion Riders who request that they meet with the Duke of Kyrim. The Riders also seem to know about the Set of Ruin.

Barnus is agitated, and confirms that Pelor has indeed disappeared. After recognizing the group, the Cleric speaks about the " Tyrant Rising " poem coming to pass, and delivers to them Barnus’ Rhyme, a new poem that speaks about future events. Feint reveals that his father was one of the Knights of the Rose, a group of bodyguards that once protected the Chancellor of Griere.

With new knowledge that they don’t quite understand, the heroes go east to Hammerstone and rest after a long day of riding.

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Solara 22nd

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