Solara 24th

The PCs awoke in the Desert Fortress and continued exploring the fortress in search of the key. They managed to enter the throne room by pulling two levers in a specific order.

They found a pool of water that seemed to allow them to gaze into other areas of the fortress, but could not figure out how to activate it. They fought more defenders of the fortress and used wooden wheels to raise portcullises and enter previously unexplored areas.

They found a room with two large stone gargoyles guarding a set of stone doors. Akatha used her magic to read some ancient Dwarven script, and they spoke the name of the god of the Dwarves and entered the store room full of broken machines.

After battling their way back to the locked door in the basement, they set out to find the key and eventually unlocked the magically-sealed door with the Skull Lord’s staff. Weakened from their battles, and believing that the Helm of Ruin was nearby and likely well-defended, the heroes decided to rest.

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Solara 24th

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