Solara 4th

The PCs return to Brindol with Sertanian, Adronsius, Thurann, Shen, and Zerriksa. They are rewarded by Joren, but do not hand over the Token of Ruin.

They return to Barnus and discover much about the Raven Queen, the Carrion Riders, and an epic poem entitled “Tyrant Rising.”

The heroes meet Egro the Dwarven merchant in Brindol and decide to head West towards Barr. En route, they stop in Berendia, where they feast with the citizens. They are told that phantoms are haunting the cemetery, and the PCs agree to drive them out.

The PCs battle the Phantoms, but are chased away by the vicious warriors. They rest through the evening.

The heroes fight the Phantoms again and emerge victorious. They receive Protector Medals from the Berendians, and then spend a few hours soaking up the admiration before riding on to Barr.

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Solara 4th

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