A sub-race of Humans who are known primarily for their Berserkers, mad warriors who launch themselves into battle without regard for their own safety.

They live almost exclusively in the North, but from time to time a single Viking will find his way into the settled lands. These wanderers, known as Celtar, are usually met with suspicion or mockery by peoples of the Settled Lands, due to the stereotype of Vikings as unclean, brutish barbarians.

Two known clans are the Morgen clan based in Morgmir, and the dwindling Ignoril clan, whom the PCs merged with the Morgen clan. The Viking chieftain Arren now rules both clans, though many Celtar have left the North for the Settled Lands.

Morgmir is a coastal town that has access to the Icebreaker ship and, thus, the Settled Lands. Thus it is a major hub of Viking society.


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