Autumna 2nd

After getting a good night’s rest at the Adjin Inn and hearing some interesting gossip from a friendly Bard, the heroes set out to find a new horse for Ilam.

Further along the road the heroes entered a curious town called Adjin. It had no walls, no apparent defenses against the monsters that usually roam the countryside, and no clear borders on where the town began or ended. They found a group of merchants standing outside an ornate building, buying crops and other goods from local farmers. It seemed the merchants were being tight-fisted.

Feint circled the building to see what he could discover, but was accosted by a Mage who challenged him and demanded he surrender. Feint managed to deflect the Mage’s magical attacks and hurried away to join the others. After the merchants quoted an exorbitant price for a single horse, the heroes planned to leave but were interrupted by five Mages who accused Feint of treachery.

The PCs battled the mages, but a group of Ogres charged in from the hills and it quickly became a three-way battle. The mages constantly forced the ogres to face the PCs, but the heroes were strong enough to kill all of the ogres and the mages, even though one mage surrendered.

They rode on to Uraz City, where they navigated a tangled bureaucracy and met with the Baron of Uraz, who may or may not be a vampire. He wanted them to broker a deal with the Duke of Kyrim to make sure Kyrim wouldn’t interfere with the Baron’s upcoming war against Griere. The PCs agreed.

They left Uraz City for Kyrim but made a brief detour through the Forest of Denerain to a region of the forest called Willowbrook. Akatha had some personal history here, but when they arrived they found an Eladrin named Choranis and her group of Eladrin archers. Though the standoff was tense, the groups eventually exchanged information.

Choranis claimed that Willowbrook sat on a ley line that made it very close to the Feywild. When asked about monsters in the area, she told the group about a group called the Destroyers, an evil army of Tieflings and demons.

The heroes left and arrived in Kyrim City in time for bed at an inn. After a strange encounter with a drunk who thought he knew Ilam, the heroes went to bed.

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Autumna 2nd

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