Solara 25th

The heroes were awakened by a loud banging on the side of the mountain. They moved deeper into the basement, hoping to find a more defensible position.

Instead they found a prison, where three Carrion Riders were held. The heroes freed them, and Hazel went to discover the source of the loud noise. Gurion left to find his weapons while Hecate remained behind and spoke to Ilam about his relatively recent ability to teleport.

Hazel returned and led the group to the front of the fortress, where the Sphinx warned them that an army was approaching. The heroes spent some time setting up some of the fortress’ defenses, and left the Carrion Riders to defend the front gates while the heroes returned to the basement to rest.

The army arrived and pushed past the defenses, battling the heroes in the basement. In the ensuing battle, Hecate was slain. The heroes defeated the invading army, but learned that Gurion, too, had been slain. They took a short nap to regain their strength and approached the final unopened door.

A dark altar held the Helm of Ruin, but the altar had dark magic within it. It possessed the heroes, but they eventually prevailed. As they were leaving, Hazel told them that the Duke of Kyrim had the Shield of Ruin.

They rode through Argolus, returned to Hammerstone, bartered for goods, and slept.

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Solara 25th

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