Solara 26th

The heroes awoke in Hammerstone and rode to Brindol, where they discovered a mob ready to lynch a group of Pelor’s priests. The heroes did their best to intervene, but the mob was unmoved. Feint was caught pickpocketing and would have been hanged along with the priests, but the Knights of the Rose arrived and broke up the scene.

The leader of these knights turned out to be Bilger, Feint’s “uncle” and a friend of his father Khaft. Bilger was tasked with taking the priests to Uraz City and told Feint that his parents were alive and well in rural Griere. The heroes, wanting to delay their meeting with the Duke, decided to make the ride to Griere.

On the way to Griere, the heroes stopped at an old tower. Inside they found a few defenders who asked them to leave. Unwilling to abandon the possibility of treasure, the heroes slew the defenders. Shortly thereafter they met The Hag, who offered each of them an unusual bargain. Suspecting the worst, Akatha and Moravi rejected her offer, while Feint and Ilam were spirited away individually.

The heroes left the tower and rode on to Griere, where they slept in a forest familiar to Feint.

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Solara 26th

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