Solara 27th

The heroes met Feint’s father Khaft and mother Leera. After an unusual homecoming, the group left for Griere City. At the gates of the city, they were asked for a “toll” by a pair of guards. Refusing to pay, tensions mounted until Ilam drew his pact blade and the guards attacked.

The heroes easily dispatched the two guards, but more guards, Mages and elite guards swarmed out of the gates of the city. The heroes barely managed to escape after two of their horses were killed.

On the road leading away from Griere City, the heroes stopped to rest, but some dangerous characters gave chase and spotted the group. A battle ensued against Tieflings, and although the heroes killed many of their attackers, two Tieflings escaped.

The heroes rode on towards the border of Uraz, where they encountered a group of guards. After being questioned about their destination and about the stolen horses they were now riding, the heroes couldn’t convince the guards to let them pass. After agreeing to go quietly, they made a break for the border and escaped without casualties on either side.

They traveled through Uraz and found a decrepit farmhouse and a stream leading to a massive cave. They slept by the cave.

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Solara 27th

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