Solara 28th

The heroes were awakened in the middle of the night by a large dark shape, revealed to be a dragon. Four humanoids emerged from the cave, and after a tense initial meeting introduced themselves as Elvarel, Taalah, Myst, and Orest. The group claimed to be hunting the dragon and, after some conversation, left to go follow it. They claimed that the Baron of Uraz would pay them for the job.

The heroes entered the Water Cave, where they found a campfire and some bedrolls, presumably left behind by the group they had just met. They approached and descended tiers of rock on which a river flowed upwards, out of the ground beneath them. Following this strange current led them to an open cavern, where a burrowing plated creature attacked them from beneath the floor of the cavern. They managed to kill a few snakes that came up to prey on them, and chased away the plated monster.

They explored the cavern and discovered a large pedestal, inscribed with a giant sumbol of Tharizdun. As the heroes climbed the pedestal to examine the marking, they fell into a slumber…

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Solara 28th

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